I’m only willing to transform 10 private clients a year but due to extremely high demand, i have made a few, small handful of new spots for you.

DAO TRANSFORMATION PROGRAMPick your dream numbers then let’s talk
Project 1012 Project 1012

  • Snatch 1.0 times of your Bodyweight
  • Clean & Jerk 1.2 times of your Bodyweight
  • Achieving in 6 Months Approx
Project 1518 Project 1518

  • Snatch 1.5 times of your Bodyweight
  • Clean & Jerk 1.8 times of your Bodyweight
  • Achieving in 12 Months Approx
Project 1720 Project 1720

  • Snatch 1.7 times of your Bodyweight
  • Clean & Jerk 2.0 times of your Bodyweight
  • Achieving in 14 Months Approx
Give Me Time, and I will give you the numbers.
Even you have been stuck in your current results for long, or even
you have never even dreamed about those magnificent numbers.
Don’t believe me? Totally Normal. I Wouldn’t Expect You To. So Just Scroll Below To Make Up Your Own Mind.

This is what the DAO TRANSFORMATION PROGRAMS will do for you.

These are PRIVATE 1 on 1 online LIVE trainings with me where I, Coach Wu, will be on Zoom and Skype coaching you EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

This is not your regular online training, this is live implementations, you’re going to get on the screen with me, Coach Wu, and I will leverage on the art of my contactless coaching to pick your mistakes that you probably never even heard of, to coach you with my philosophy, strategy and tactics, so you can see yourself transformed and get YOUR results.

Because you’re my PRIVATE client, you will be in my private 1 on 1 Facebook Group for LIFE.

Where I will give you Olympic Weightlifting Consultancy specifically for you, for LIFE. And in between our training sessions, I’m going to be in our private Facebook group communicating with you, analyzing your video movements. and adding whatever is necessary to you to make sure you get to be successfully transformed.

You will get privatized and CUSTOMIZED training programs every single month, sometime even week, which are specifically TAILORED to you purely based on your movement pattern, lifter profile and your selected dream numbers.

Every exercises, every movements, every combinations, every reps, every sets are hand picked and exclusively tailored to you, my specially crafted programs contribute to more than 30% of your success.

This is the ONLY program where you can walk in as a noobie and walkout with the recognized numbers that attached to your bodyweight, that absolutely CRUSH the people who started same as you.

Yes, this is the only transformation program for General Olympic Weightlifting designed by me with close to 30 years of expertise in this artistic sport, and as you know, everything in this program is done live and I am willing to give the numbers to you, if you want it.

You will You Get An A-To-Z, Nothing Held Back Deep Dive Into EVERYTHING You Need To Know and Implement to lift BEYOND your threshold, and how to maintain it so you can improve even further.

Needless to say you will start to learn strategies and tactics in Olympic Weightlifting, you will start to develop your own strategies and tactics that reflect your style, you will start to lift beyond your threshold based on your strategies and tactics under my Philosophy.

You Put Yourself On The Fast-Track To Lifting The Dream Numbers that MOST of the people struggle for years to get and some are even still struggling.

You will start to compete, you will you begin to get qualified, you will start to win some medals, you will earn some recognitions, you will feel a sense of HUGE achievement in your life.

You Make MONEY.

You don’t need to have coaching experiences, you will know and absorb the words, the ques, the flow and the training plans I use to transform people, which are considered as my intellectual property, in our private training while me transforming you (You don’t need to know 100% of what I know and what I do to excel in this sport as that’s 30 years of continuous hardwork, 10% is all you need to be different). With those amazing numbers attached to your profile, you will have the confidence and validation to backup your coaching, you can start increasing your rates as you have the results and you have the ability and you know it best!

Apart from those privileges handed to you, to give you more motivations on achieving your dream numbers, here are some golden bonuses for you:

You will receive COLD HARD CASH sponsorship from me for your next competition if you happen to achieve your dream numbers 2 months before the expected time, the amount of cash I give will surprise you and all you need is to perform and make me proud.

Ask yourself, when is the last time that you received cash sponsorship?

You will be specially invited to my international seminar as a GUEST OF HONOUR with COMPLIMENTARY access.

Ask yourself again, when is the last time you attended a premium seminar for FREE?

You will be granted absolutely COMPLIMENTARY access to the seminar conducted by any one of the Reputable Chinese Champion hosted by me worldwide under my invitation.

Do you like the Reputable Chinese Champions, if you do, congratulations, you come for FREE.

Help yourself by booking this call if you have any of these:

  • You are very uncomfortable and unsatisfied of what you’re doing right now.
  • You want to compete at a higher level.
  • You want to achieve something magnificent in your life.
  • You do believe the number you picked is highly achievable with time under correct and laser beam guidance.
  • You have the commitment and belief in yourself to be different and magnificent.

DO NOT book this call if you have any of these:

  • You’re comfortable and satisfied with your results right now.
  • You’re attached to another coach and NOT willing to let go.
  • You’re NOT willing to put in the time and effort.
  • You’re NOT willing to invest to achieve the better version of yourself.
  • You sustain long term injuries

Disclaimer: Only book this call if you see yourself as a SERIOUS candidate, the process of bringing you to reach those numbers requires intricate planning  and I am happy to do that for you, if you’re serious. NO SHOW during the call will lead to auto renouncing for this precious opportunity and your next opportunity of this call booking will be 6 MONTHS After.