22 HACKS to help you achieve your next personal record real quick

Ever encountered you stuck at certain weight and you just can’t go up even further, here are 22 hacks for you to help you make some amazing breakthrough:

Above your neck:

1. Chin up before the overhead catch.
2. Chin down after the overhead catch.
3. Don’t look at the bar, feel it.

About your breath:

4. No loud and excessive breathing.
5. Never hold your breath throughout the lift.

The Lats Engagement:

6. Relax your grip, but grip a little tighter on your pinkies so that you can feel your lats better engaged.
7. Retract your shoulder blade.
8. Never arch in or move your lower back.
9. Do not move your wrist when you perform any lats pulls.
10. Jerk with your lats.
11. Do more pull ups, behind the neck, its magical.
12. Point your elbows up when you perform any Lats pulls, if not you are going into a shoulder raise.

Focus on your legs:

13. Feel the stress at both your quads and ankles as you descend.
14. Don’t push forward your knees when you descend.
15. Don’t sit back as you descend.
16. Land on your entire feet, not on your toes.
17. Use your quads to supplement your rows.
18. Don’t jump with your feet, jump with your quads, the latter reduces your feet clearance/gap off the floor.

Talk about emotions and feelings:

19. Do it light, do it slow, feel the actual push from your legs and power transfer, and then slowly add weight
20. Don’t pause and think during your lift (it sounds weird, but people are actually doing it)
21. Is never about how heavy you go, is about how well you can control at any weight.
22. Don’t over – train and take sufficient rest.

Train Hard, Train Safe, Cheers!