The Philosophy

This is Wu ChuanFu, a former professional weightlifter of the Chinese Guangdong Provincial Team, the known Olympic Weightlifting Mentor who sees this beautiful sport as a form of movement art from the bottom of his heart, the man who also relates such a great piece of art with dancing and treats each lift as a performance of a barbell dance, the man who lifts with absolute fluidity, calmness and control.

Having such a strong and unique philosophy attached to this sport, Coach Wu has conquered 2.3 times of this bodyweight in snatch and 2.8 times of his bodyweight in Clean & Jerk during his professional career.

With his over 25 years of combined experiences in both athletes and coaches in this particular sport, DAO Lifting was founded by Coach Wu with a mission to transform potential Olympic Weightlifting enthusiasts into highly competitive athletes, and meanwhile educating and empowering individuals and coaches with the Chinese methodology of movement and technique for weightlifting as a sport, a training component, or as a recreational activity.

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