Coach WU: Online Training, Why I can do it? And Why it is successful?

“Coach Wu takes everything into consideration and only had me use the most natural position for my body making it the most efficient. This in turn lead to lifting with ease and grace, which is what the “Chinese” style is known for. Also in today’s media-run day and age, it’s easy to see opposing videos, techniques and criticisms all within minutes on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Coach Wu was able to decipher right from wrong and explain why, clearing up any confusions.”

    • – Anthony Barbato

Online Training, Why can I do it? And Why it is successful?

I have single-handedly trained more students online than you could ever imagined over the past 5 years without even touching or meeting them, from people who has zero training or lifting background, to powerlifters, bodybuilders, rugby players with extreme poor shoulder & overhead mobility, to intermediated & experienced lifters who found themselves stuck at their own unbreakable personal records.

Coaching Online is hard, way harder than coaching physically, especially for such a highly technical sports that every moving muscles count, I however have found my own unique way to make every training easily understandable and perfectly coachable no matter how ‘’broken’’ or how competitive the students are , using the words I say and the concept I provide, and here are 4 simple reasons why I can do that and why is that successful?

1. I don’t use highly technical terms that too little people understand…I just don’t…

Too many coaches out there are too ‘professional’ in the way they are talking but conveying too little value to their students, or lifters, well if you want to let someone improve as fast as they can, that’s not gonna work, at least not for Olympic Weightlifting.

The most technical terms you may hear from me are probably ‘’quads’’, ‘’lats’’, ‘’row’’ etc, apart from that I use very simple, straight-forward words and ques that are even understandable to an 8 year old, if an 8 year old can understand what I’m talking, you will understand.

“Coach Wu helped me bring my snatch from 65kg to 100kg.”

    • – Joey Vacchiano

2. I know exactly how you feel over the screen the moment you have the bar on you.

I locate your pain before you even try to say anything, I do that ALL the times and students get surprised ALL the times. Well, this is not any form of sorceries, this is the skillset that I have cultivated over the past two and half decades of training and coaching in Olympic Weightlifting, I have seen, tried, experimented, and corrected every single lifting posture, pattern or habits that you could possibly find in this particular sport.

As people all know, I do have more than 25 years of solid experience in Olympic Weightlifting, but the reality is they don’t really give a damn, what they DO give a damn, is that I CHANGE people in 25 minutes, that’s what im talking about, that’s what students care about.

“He combines inalienable weightlifting tenets with individual necessities to produce technique that allows you to thrive as an individual weightlifter.”

    • – Christos K

3. I don’t talk a lot, and I don’t need to.

I listen, ALL the time, not just what you say from your mouth, but also what you generate from your lifts, the sound of your footwork, the sound of the bar vibration at your hips, the sound of your breathing, the sound you row the bar from your knees to your hips, you’re naked in front of me when you lift.

All we need is precision engineering in your lifts, pin pointing the slightest mistake you are making, telling you on the spot and then giving you the solutions immediately, that’s why you will be always hearing a lot of words and short phrases from me such as ‘’push’’, ‘’relaxed’’, ‘’slow down’’ , to my students who are reading this right now, you know what I am talking about.

“his ability to explain what to do, when to do it and why it’s needed is always communicated with precision. It’s extremely rare to find a coach like him – I’m glad I did”

    • – Bill Choi

4. I’m good at one thing, not average at everything.

Well, I don’t know how to cook, I can’t even swim, I put my whole damn life into Olympic Weightlifting and I live on this beautiful and artistic sport, because all I need is to become the best, the very best in one thing, just one single thing and that’s enough to conceal all the things that I suck at.

“Coach Wu is a highly experienced and extremely gifted Olympic Weightlifting coach. He possesses a keen eye for detail and holds his students to the highest movement standards. His knowledge and passion for the Sport of Weightlifting are immense and shine through during each training session”

    • – Jessica Pamanian